Welcome to BedBugDogRatings.com. Our hope is that this site makes it easier for victims of bedbugs to quickly find and hire a bedbug dog team.

Bedbug Dog Teams are doing incredible work all around the world; leading the charge in eradicating the bed bug plague. But the trust and honor of legitimate trained teams is being harmed by scam-artists and amateurs riding the wave of bedbug awareness to a quick buck without regard for the consequences.

This is a platform to grant praise and good ratings to the teams that help you out and report those that do not behave properly.

The following tools are at your disposal: a ten-star rating system, thumbs up/down, recommending on facebook (encouraged!) and leaving a detailed review.

Although we may offer sponsored listings in the future, all ratings and reviews are impartial and we will never adjust ratings and reports due to threats or bribes.